Zapho & Senita Appiakorang

The Panti Personals S2 E6 Zapho & Senita Appiakorang

To mark the beginning of a new year of twos our Queen, Panti Bliss, is with a winning twosome, two boss women from the X Collective, co founder Zapho, aka Ele Breslin and her fellow singer and songwriter Senita Appiakorang.

The X Collective is a coming together of new Irish music talent and ambition, founded by Beslin and her partner Emily Shaw, and is now a creative, collaborative network of about 100 artists, musicians, singers and writers across the country.


Zapho and Senita came together with Toshín, Gemma Bradley and Chloe Agnew to release the song WB in April 2021 and previously Zapho and a former Pantisocracy guest Tolu Makay recorded and released ‘Collide’ with Jenny Browne.

Senita has also just brought out a new song with another Pantisocracy pal, Jess Kav, the powerful ‘Ascension‘ featuring Toshín.
In this episode Zapho and Senita share their stories and each perform a song for the Queen accompanied by their X Collective mate Louis Younge. Zapho sings ‘Tell Your Mother’ a new song she’s written about coming out and it gets a release on Mother’s Day this March.



Senita shares a pulled back version of song she and Jess Kav will release shortly called ‘Benefactor of Love’ which is part of the Sister Fenix collaborative partnership she and Jess have created.

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