Dani Larkin

The Panti Personals S2 E1 – Dani Larkin




The Panti Personals podcast is back and in this first episode of a new season Panti Bliss is talking with folk singer-songwriter Dani Larkin, who comes from the tiny townland of Madden in the border county of Armagh. Dani shares her Gemini fascination with duality, and how being queer, and coming from a conflicted borderland, has shaped her. She’s worked in conflict resolution, using music, across the world, including a period spent working in Israel and Palestine which she says has left a lifelong mark.


Her new album ‘Notes for a Maiden Warrior’ draws on Irish mythology and feminine energy and she performs two of her songs for Panti during the show ‘Samson & Goliath’ and ‘Bloodthirsty’, and the episode features excerpts of her songs ‘The Red Maca’s Return’ and ‘The Magpie’.
You can find out more about Dani and her music here: www.danilarkin.com



The Panti Personals is an independent podcast by Athena Media, produced by Helen Shaw, audio edit and videos by John Howard.