Season 5 Episode 6 ‘A Place to Call My Own’


Martin Beanz Warde, Panti Bliss, Santis O’Garro, Roisin El Cherif in Belvedere House, O’Reilly Theatre Dublin

What does it take to call a place your own, or for that place to let you own it? In this episode of Pantisocracy host Panti Bliss is with three people who answered that question.



Panti with Santis O’Garro


She meets Santis O’Garro, a proud Black Irishwoman from the Caribbean island of Montserrat, Martin Beanz Warde, a comedian who shares his story of growing up gay in the traveller community in the west of Ireland, and singer Roisin El Cherif, a Palestinian Irishwoman from Oranmore, Co Galway.



Roisin performs two of her own songs, Cinnamon Eyes and Cross Your Mind, accompanied by musician Alma Kelliher on keyboards and backing vocals.

Roisin El Cherif with Panti





Martin Beanz Warde and Panti Bliss