Season 4 Episode 2

S4 E2 – The Past is Not Dead, It’s Not Even Past
Airs Tuesday July 23rd at 22:00


Panti with her parlour guests

In this episode of the ‘cabaret of conversations’ host Panti Bliss is joined by Belfast writer Wendy Erskine, author of an acclaimed new collection of stories from a fractured post ‘peace’ Northern Ireland and a young filmmaker Sinead O’Shea whose documentary ‘A Mother Brings her Son to Be Shot’ highlights some of those fractures in the underbelly of Derry suburbs.

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The Panti Monologue 'The Past Is Not Dead' – Pantisocracy S4 E2 from Athena Media on Vimeo.



Writer Wendy Erskine reads 'To All Their Dues' from Athena Media on Vimeo.


With them is Dean Van Nguyen, an emerging voice on Irish culture, whose father came to Ireland as a Vietnamese refugee in the 1970s. Dean’s book Iron Age: The Art of Ghostface Killah is now available to buy.
David Joyce, a lawyer and Irish traveller activist, whose father reluctantly ‘settled’ when David was in his late teens joins the conversation, and offering music and insight is the singer and performer Lux Alma whose new work takes a female focus on Irish mythology. You can catch Lux Alma at the Dublin Fringe Festival in September.




Panti with her in-studio audience and guests


Panti with performer Lux Alma




Panti with journalist & critic Dean Van Nguyen



Panti with filmmaker Sinéad O’Shea



Panti with David Joyce



Panti with author Wendy Erskine



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