Adrian Crowley

The Panti Personals S1 E5 : Adrian Crowley

Adrian Crowley, the man whose voice Panti Bliss describes as ‘the deepest, darkest pint of Guinness pre smoking ban’ is the guest in this episode of The Panti Personals. Adrian is an acclaimed singer, songwriter, and composer whose ninth album ‘The Watchful Eye of the Stars’ is just out. Adrian was born in Malta to a Maltese Mum and an Irish Dad, and after a few early years in Cameroon, he grew up in Barna, Co. Galway.



These days he lives in Dublin with his French born wife and their two children, Max and Alice. In this intriguing, conversation with Panti, Adrian shares the story behind the documentary art film he made with director Niall McCann ‘The Science of Ghosts‘, the influences behind his music, and how in Malta he feels the vibrations, the connection of his ancestors.

Adrian performs ‘Bread and Wine’ from his new album for Panti and shares a remarkable spoken word piece he wrote during lockdown called ‘The Ascension of Larks’ which was first performed in Musictown earlier this year.

And you can find out more about Adrian and his work here:


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