Niamh Regan

For our final show of 2021 we’ve a warm hearted conversation with the acclaimed Galway singer-songwriter Niamh Regan, who shares stories of love and loss, grief and re-found happiness with the Queen confessor, Panti Bliss. Niamh comes from Kilrickle, a small village near Loughrea, and her debut album Hemet was nominated as best album in both the Irish Choice and the Irish Folk Awards.

Hemet is named after the Californian homeplace of Niamh’s husband Wesley Houdyshell, who is himself a musician and whose family are the fun force behind the band Hippie Cream.




Niamh performs three of her songs for Panti Bliss live in Camden Recording Studios – Love You Senseless and Happy Again from her forthcoming EP ‘In The Meantime’ and the poignant ‘Freeze Frame’ from the Hemet album. To find out more about Niamh Regan and her music :



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