A Cabaret of Conversations with Panti Bliss

Pantisocracy and The Panti Personals with Panti Bliss is a cabaret of conversations with, and about, contemporary Ireland.

Panti Bliss hosts a gathering of diverse guests in her podcast parlour to chat about life and swap stories.
A cabaret for the times we live in. Pantisocracy is our multiverse, The Panti Personals is our home.

The series ran from 2016 to 2022 and is currently resting but you can enjoy our work as podcasts.

Pantisocracy won at the Headline Ireland Mental Health Media Awards with its show ‘Breaking Secrets and Silence’. It won the Celtic Media Festival Torc Award for Best Radio show  and was short-listed again in the Celtic Media Festival for the episode on being black and Irish ‘Skin Deep‘.
The Panti Personals is a podcast only child of Pantisocracy, intimate heart to heart conversations with unique live performances. That series launched May 2021 and Season 3 (2022) featured guests including singer Pauline Scanlon and musician extraordinaire Daithí.

Enjoy The Panti Personals S3 E3 Farah Elle

It’s Aunty Panti in this episode with the talented Irish-Libyan singer and artist Farah Elle. They met five years ago when Farah was just emerging and now with her debut album coming out later this year Farah is back and sharing her music, her story and what keeps her joyful. Farah in Arabic means joy or happiness, and while Farah has experienced a lot of turmoil in her 27 years she shines with light and love.

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