Season 1 (2016) Episode 3

Episode 3
‘Turning Points’

Tuesday 6th September 10pm

Host Miss Panti Bliss opens the show in her parlour, welcoming guests and offers a ‘Panti Monologue’ a personal observation on life as she sees it. In this episode, her guests talking of turning points in life are Mark Pollock, the blind now paralysed adventurer who is exploring ways to walk again. Lawyer Simone George, Mark’s partner, is in the mix talking about her journey to make Ireland safer for women and scientist Dr. Niamh Shaw talks of her dream of going into space.
Comedian Jarlath Regan shares what he has discovered in making his hit podcast “An Irishman Abroad’ while composer Michael Gallen, the lead singer with the band Ana Gog, talks about his new opera project, A Month in the Lock, and sings from the James Connolly songbook ‘We Only Want the Earth’.

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A sample of Panti and Mark Pollock in Conversation