Jane Willow

#ThePantiPersonals: Jane Willow

Panti Bliss is with a gorgeous young Dutch woman, singer and songwriter Jane Willow in this episode of The Panti Personals. But of course Jane’s real name is Janneke van Nijnanten and much like our Queen, Panti Bliss and her homeboy Rory O’Neill, she loves the freedom a stage persona and name gives to her. There’s a weird Glen Hansard theme going on in The Panti Personals as we heard how Galia Arad was inspired to come to Ireland by a Glen gig, and our Janneke took off to Dublin after hearing Glen talking about the glories of street busking as a musician in Dublin.

Janneke went back to busking, more parks than streets, during lockdown, just to find an audience and have the joy of the singing in public again. In this episode she shares her story of coming here from her home town in the Netherlands, Breda which of course Panti thinks is a great name for a drag queen, Heavy Breda!

During the show Janneke pops into her Jane Willow identity and performs twice for the Queen, a beautiful cover of Nick Cave’s ‘Into My Arms’ and her own lovely song ‘Let There Be Light’, a suitable anthem for the times we’re in.

In this episode you also hear Jane singing her poignant cover of Leonard Cohen song, Chelsea Hotel. Here’s her lockdown video of it : https://youtu.be/vRESTppQB4M


The Panti Personals gets closer to being a ‘personals’ column with Panti putting the call out for a gorgeous ginger haired guy for Jane (she has a thing for red-heads!).
Find out more about Jane Willow here.


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