The Panti Personals – S2 E4 Nealo


Panti Bliss in conversation with the hip hop artist Nealo ranges from dog love to Dublin, from leaving law to following his heart, and from becoming a Dad to why cannabis should be legal.

Nealo performs live three of his songs with his good mates Rachel MacAuley and Adam Shanahan and shares how lockdown brought time to write, but also time to assess relationships and future.


Music in this episode includes:

Nealo ‘You Can’t Go Home Again’ (Live with Rachel and Adam)
Nealo ‘Under The Weather’ (Live with Rachel and Adam)
Nealo ‘All The Leaves Are Falling’ * from the album
Frustration ‘Last Will and Testament’ * from previous recording
Nealo ‘Rosemary’ (Live with Rachel and Adam)

You can find out more about Nealo here:

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Our theme music is Lisa Hannigan’s Knots- kindly provided by Lisa with permission to use on the podcast.