The Panti Personals

The Panti Personals is a child of Pantisocracy but this time it’s up close (well two metres apart!) and personal as Panti Bliss escapes lockdown for an intimate heart to heart conversation with her guest, just one each episode, and a unique performance for an audience with the Queen (well you can listen in too, and even see the videos if you like).




In this first season of The Panti Personals she’s spending time with performers and singers, first up is Bressie of the Blizzards,  so listen out for some remarkable performances. Launching May 1st 2021 in all podcast places, including YouTube, under the Pantisocracy feed with streams and videos available right here on the website. Join us, subscribe today and be the first to get releases. We’d love you to share with your mates and do use the hashtag #ThePantiPersonals so we can see you. (10)



First up in series is mindfulness and music man Bressie, Niall Breslin, who shares two of his new spoken word pieces with Panti Bliss, Teen Spirit and Closing Time, and talks love, life and how he is surviving lockdown.



‘Closing Time’ is a tribute to the music and songs of Tom Waits and tells how those songs helped Niall through a hard time. To hear the conversation subscribe to Pantisocracy – The Panti Personals in your favourite podcast place and share the love.


In episode 2 of The Panti Personals Panti Bliss finds a new soulmate in fellow podcaster Galia Arad, who she decides is ‘a gas bitch’ and ideal company for the habitual lockdown season. Galia, who has toured with Jools Holland, performs her latest release ‘Lion’s Den’ and a song inspired by possibly her most embarrassing moment, when Elvis Costello emailed her to hook up for a gig.



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