Season 5 Episode 7 ‘Skin Deep’

Lisa Essuman, Dana Masters, Panti Bliss and Leon Diop
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What does it mean to ‘look’ and be Irish in contemporary Ireland? In this episode of Pantisocracy with Panti Bliss, the last in this season, Panti is joined by people who challenge the stereotypical Irish freckles and fair skin and talk of an Ireland where it’s cool to be Irish and proud, regardless of your skin colour.



Panti’s guests are  singer and songwriter Dana Masters, who hails from South Carolina, USA, and moved to the north of Ireland ten years ago, Leon Diop one of the founders of the virally popular Black and Irish Instagram & Facebook account, and documentary maker Lisa Essuman.


Dana, who tours with Van Morrison, performs two of her own songs during the show – ‘Little Girl’  inspired by her grandmother who was a black civil rights activist in the Deep South, USA, in the 1960s, and a song ‘Call You Home’ that she penned for her new home – Ireland – where she says she has found peace and healing. 





Lisa Essuman and Panti Bliss



Panti Bliss and Leon Diop



Dana Masters with Panti Bliss