Season 5 Episode 2 ‘Breaking Secrets and Silence’


Photo: Paul Duane, Jess Kavanagh, Caelainn Hogan and Panti Bliss ©John Howard AthenaMedia2020

What happens when your private family story, your deepest secret, is also a national secret of shame and silence? Caelainn Hogan, author of the ground-breaking ‘Republic of Shame’ is the guest of Panti Bliss in this episode and she’s joined by singer Jess Kavanagh, whose mum was born, black Irish, in a mother and baby home, and film-maker Paul Duane, who was himself born in Sean Ross Abbey, the home depicted in the film ‘Philomena’.



Jess shares a poem she wrote, as a schoolgirl, about High Park, the Magdalene laundry in northside Dublin, and performs Hozier’s song Nina Cried Power’.


Caelainn Hogan and Panti Bliss


Jess Kav and Panti Bliss


Paul Duane and Panti Bliss