Season 3 (2018) Episode 4

Season 3 Episode 4 ‘Finding Your Tribe’


Panti Bliss with her parlour guests

Panti Bliss’s house guests for this episode of Pantisocracy, the cabaret of conversations, are singer Honor Heffernan and her partner, composer Trevor Knight, who perform songs from their show The Whistling Girl based on the writing of the American satirist Dorothy Parker.

Honor Heffernan performing as The Whistling Girl


This Episode Airs:
July 24th 2018 22.00 – 23.00 on RTÉ Radio 1

They are joined by comedian Katherine Lynch and Bohemian FC poet in residence Lewis Kenny. Lewis performs his darkly powerful poem Cabra. The Panti Monologue shares Panti’s own story on how she became Panti Bliss and how she found her tribe in the strangest of places – Japan.

The Whistling Girl 'Observation' – Pantisocracy Season 3 Episode 4 ‘Finding Your Tribe’ from Athena Media on Vimeo.


Katherine Lynch & Panti Bliss