Season 3 (2018) Episode 9

Pantisocracy Season 3 Episode 9
‘Taking a Stand’

In the parlour with host Panti Bliss are Saoirse Long, Caitriona Bergin, Frank Berry and Lisa Hannigan.

Caitriona Bergin, Frank Berry, Panti Bliss, Saoirse Long and Lisa Hannigan

Sometimes, despite the personal cost, you have to take a stand. In this episode of Pantisocracy, our host Panti Bliss, who has herself been known to take a stand or two, shares her story of how what she thought was a small talk in the Abbey Theatre, the Noble Call, became a viral call of action and change.

Panti with Saoirse Long


Lisa Hannigan – 'Little Bird' Pantisocracy S3 E9 ‘Taking a Stand’ from Athena Media on Vimeo.


In this episode Panti’s guests are Saoirse Long, a young woman who told her own story to dramatic impact during the recent referendum campaign, Caitriona Bergin, filmmaker Frank Berry whose recent work ‘Michael Inside’, singer/writer Lisa Hannigan who performs two of her own songs in the show – ‘Little Bird’ and ‘Undertow’.

August 28th 2018 22.00 – 23.00 on RTÉ Radio 1


Caitriona Bergin with Panti


Panti and her in-studio audience


Frank Berry with Panti



Panti with Lisa Hannigan