Pantisocracy Season 4

Pantisocracy Season 4: Damien Dempsey 'It's All Good' from Athena Media on Vimeo.


Season 4 is coming together for Pantisocracy and Panti Bliss is gathering her crew in her parlour.

S4 E1 – The Writing on the Wall


In episode 1 of our new season she meets up with Damien Dempsey and here’s Damo singing his song ‘It’s All Good’ as a bit of a taster for the new episodes coming in our ‘cabaret of conversations’ – we’re back summer 2019 but we’ll be sharing audio and video content along the way.

Writer Wendy Erskine reads 'To All Their Dues' from Athena Media on Vimeo.

Another treat from our forthcoming season of Pantisocracy we’ve the current hot ticket in literature – Belfast author and teacher Wendy Erskine reading a segment from her short story ‘To All Their Dues’ – from her debut collection of stories ‘Sweet Home’.

Panti with her parlour guests & in-studio audience from S4 E1


S4 E2 – The Past is Not Dead, It’s Not Even Past


S4 E3 Title – Sex and the Irish: Sex Talks


S4 E4 – Home from Home


S4 E5 – The Caged Bird Sings


S4 E6 – Belonging


S4 E7 – Sisters Are Doing It (for themselves)


S4 E8 – Sex in the Digital City